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FAITH, INTENTION, COMMITMENT:  With FAITH, you can reach your goals by setting your INTENTION and COMMITMENT to it.  Our dedicated instructors are here to provide you support and guidance in your yoga practice with the spirit of FAITH, INTENTION, and COMMITMENT

We are a yoga studio utilizing the benefits of humidity and infrared heat (radiant heat).  Combining yoga with humidity and infrared heat are physical and mental wellness.  The physical benefits include weight loss, increased flexibility, balance, muscle tone, alignment, detoxification and increased energy.  The mental health benefits include coping skills for depression, anxiety, and the overall feeling of wellness.


Marysol started her yoga journey when she was struggling with chronic depression in 2009, trying to find peace in her mind she found yoga.  From the start, she noticed the benefits not only in her physical health, but most importantly in her way of seeing life.  After a long journey, she found that she wanted to serve others, helping them to awaken their spirit and find their truth through yoga and reiki.  In 2017 she decided to get certified to teach yoga and to work with reiki healing energy.  She desires to print her own yoga style with the incorporation of music as a took to bring students into a healing state, vibration to open energy centers. Music from ancestral instruments and chants are used for healing rituals in different cultures.  She also uses essential oils to awaken the senses to connect students to the space and help to bring relaxation to the mind and body.  Marysol encourages students to find freedom in their practice, using their creativity in exploring their bodies by adding movement that the soul seeks.



Janet started on the yogic path through her asana practice in 2011, while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies through the University of Missouri. From the moment she stepped onto the mat, she knew her life was about to change. After return to her native Colorado after college, Janet fell in love her local community at Asana Studio in her hometown and in 2013 she received her 200hr certification.
Wanting to deepen her  personal knowledge, she received her 500hr certification through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. Through the lense of yoga therapy, Janet uses all aspects of yoga; not only asana, but mantra, mudra, meditation, and pranayama in both her group classes and private sessions to create a more therapeutic style of class. By focusing on anatomy and developing strength in her classes, Janet’s goal is to support clients in cultivating their own personal practice and help student develop awareness of not only the body, but the mind and spirit. 
See you on the mat - Namaste




Jennifer Duronio is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher whose first love is a hot and sweaty, athletic, hot vinyasa practice that finds her edge. She’s no stranger to the quest for new challenges: she’s a 5-time marathoner, including Boston 2018, mom to young twins, and consummate student and teacher of wellness and wellbeing. Jen is a MN transplant building fresh roots here with her family and comes from a long career of teaching high school Spanish.

Jennifer Duronio

Courtney began her yoga journey in 2013. She was introduced to the practice by a friend; at the time she was looking  for the physical benefits of the practice but found the spiritual and mental aspects of yoga to be more beneficial. She began practicing power yoga and quickly found that she wanted share what she had found with like minded individuals. Courtney received her certification in Power yoga in 2015, but didn’t stop there. She started teaching other formats as she developed Including Yoga Sculpt, Hatha yoga, and foundational alignment styles. 


I began my yogic journey 4 years ago when I started college. I was very busy with my studies and was looking for an escape. I tried yoga and fell in love right away. As the years passed I kept developing my practice and came to the realization that I wanted to get certified. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Becoming a teacher has allowed me to further appreciate the benefits of yoga, especially for people suffering through health problems. I love seeing students grow and prosper. I cannot imagine doing anything else.


As a former professional NFL and NBA dancer, Ariana found yoga during a search for a restorative practice that would cultivate more body awareness and heal her severe anxiety. Since 2009, she has experienced the intangible benefits of yoga through conscious breath work and movement meditation. During her yoga classes, Ariana offers creative sequences suitable for all levels. Her intention is to help build strength while focusing on alignment and creating space within the body. Students can expect to leave her classes feeling empowered, supported and with a new sense of presence. 



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